Dr Miroslaw Sokolowski graduated from Medical University in Danzig with 35 years of clinic practice and experiences. Specialist on psychosomatic and psychiatry. Whole life he dedicates himself to implement of holistic philosophy of human being.

Coherent relation between soul ( central role of the brain on soma problems) and body. He place an accent on a body - especially a circulation of the blood, system of locomotive organs and respiratory. The focus problem of the body is MOTION  - irrespective of an age. Above mentioned philosophy and many year' experiences resulted in successful creation and construction of the centre.

Dr Sokolowski had provided his medical practice and specialisation after graduation by 1990. He dealt with electroencephalographs co-operating with famous Polish scientist professor Tadeusz Bacia.

Nowadays along with the good staff he accomplished the tasks - possible only to obtain in private health service. The clinic guarantees to patients silence and calmness, creating conditions for renewed integration of body and brain.