Range of the prophylactic - therapeutic actions include: neuroses - especially anxiety and derpessive neuroses; psycho - somatic syndromes - arterial hypertension, duodenal and gastric ulcer disease, irritable bowel syndrome, bronchial asthma, degenerative diseases of the spine; articles, bones, post - accidental rehabilitation and rehabilitation connected with the characteristic of the job, congenital disorders rehabilitation, metabolic, diseases such as, obesity, osteoporosis, type II diabetes mellitus, large intestine, breasts and prostaye carcinomas prophylaxis.


         Our reflexo-therapy paths - 1250 m.


The ways to achieve these projects are following: diagnosis mady by our experienced medical personnel together with consultants from the Medical University of Gdansk; food and nourishment, diets; hydrotherapy and individual physiotherapy methods; exercises in the gym hall, body building gym; climatic influence asociated with aromatherapy; therapy with music; sauna; psychotherapeutical programs associated with a domination of the individual therapy; movement therapy classes in the grounds - walks canoes, bicycles, few kilometers long sightseeing routes, agroturistics, newly formed botanic garden of 3,5 ha and within it 1 miles of the stroll alley thinking of reflex therapy, yacht cruises on the Jeziorak lake; hipotherapy elements in the nearest future.


             Panorama of the entering gate, own pit with spring water  

Patients will find an interesting program in the balneology department: underwater spine massages, Scottisch whips, watery rotary streams of the lower extremities, brine baths, ozonic baths with addition of the special herbs, aromatherapy, overcoating and needling baths. Pain fighting program means cryotherapy with liguid nitrogen, manual therapy and electrotherapy. We are offering You excellent conditions to strengthen Your inside and rebuild Your physical fitness.

Our Winter Garden